Engineering&Technical Service

​​​​​​SlurryGo® provide a engineering and technical consultancy service including pump assessment, upgrade and re-rates and pump selection. Our engineer can recommend the optimal pump for your specific environment and pumping application and also find your existing problems and offer innovative solutions that can resolve your pump issues.

Our engineers can also improve pump performance by re-engineering components, making your equipment more reliable and cost effective. From initial pattern manufacture to final machining and heat treatment, these processes are conducted in-house ensuring that we are in total control of each step. The outcome is the right result first time, reduced lead times and lower cost.

We can offer support in the selection process, including:

Select to suit your specific application and optimise wear life. Use of innovative bearing designs to improve pump performance.Adjust the operating speed of your pumps to ensure optimal running condition. Recommend pump sizes and configurations to suit your requirements.

SlurryGo® have a full pump testing facility that enables us to carry out performance tests. We provide full pump curve characteristics prior to delivery, ensuring refurbished and repaired units are within acceptable limits for head, power and pump efficiency.

Onsite Service

SlurryGo® provides expert training on pumps and pump system reliability in  factory and on field, private sessions or customized courses regarding your requirements, available on-site.

Course will help operators to understanding structure、features、operation methods、 common trouble and their solutions etc. Participants have extensive hand-on opportunities to increase retention of skills and knowledge. We train operators to optimize industrial plant performance, increasing reliability, efficiency and productivity.