Mineral Processing

Coal washing, transporting phosphoric acid slurry, or  sand separation through a hydro-cyclone, to satisfy different slurry pumping work. SlurryGo® provide a versatile wearing material from hardened acid resistant chrome iron,natural rubber and other

elastomers (Hypalon,Polyurethane etc).

  • Phosphate
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Alumina
  • Frac Sand
  • Coal
  • Oil Sands
warman sp sump pump
warman g series sand gravel pump

​​Industrial Processing

​Many industrial processes require the abrasive resistance that a heavy-duty slurry pump offers.SlurryGo® slurry pumps are the best choice for you and could contact our engineer to select a right pump for  your applciation.

  • ​Sugar Industry
  • Chemical Processes
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Power
  • Sump & Cleanup
  • Steel Mills
warman hh series high head slurry pump
warman ah centrifugal slurry pump


​​​​​​SlurryGo® slurry pumps work well in mining industry,from mine discharge,mine

dewatering,concentrators, carbon-in-leach, agglomerators, and tailings etc.

wherever iron, copper, gold, silver, nickel, and all other ores and minerals are mined. Our goal is provide the highest quality pumps with the lowest total cost of slurry pumping work.

  • ​Copper Iron Ore
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Zinc&Nickel