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​​​​​​SlurryGo® a leading provider in the design,manufacture and supply of slurry pumps,spare parts and related products in the mining,quarrying,dredging and other industries.Factory located in Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province,China. 280km far from Beijing City and 320km distance to China north biggest port XINGANG.


SlurryGo® continually working on the improvement of slurry pump wearing parts and develop versatile ultra-chrome alloy,elastomer,ceramic  abrasion resistance,

​acid proof materials and 30% longer working life than other competitors.

SlurryGo® slurry pumps range from horizontal centrifugal slurry pump to vertical slurry pumps,submersible slurry pumps, sump pumps.heavy duty large flow slurry pumps,high-head slurry pumps.Size from 1 inch to 20 inches.

SlurryGo® also could manufacture OEM slurry pumps spares which 100% compatible materially and dimensionally.

With reliability, efficiency, durability, SLURRYGO® could be one of your source for slurry pumping applications and sincerely looking forward the cooperation with you!

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Foundry Plant

Sand blasting machine with both

green sand and resign sand,ensure the sound surface with most precise dimension

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SlurryGo® Manufacturing Plant

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About Us

Assembly and Stock Plant

Have large amount spares in stock to shorten delivery time.

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Heat Treatment

Computer controlled heat treatment system makes sure stable and desired property.

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Ready Delivery Slurry Pumps Spares

Horizontal slurry pumps,vertical surry pumps,spare parts(Impeller,Volute Liner etc) ready for delivery.

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Machining Plant

Advanced machine and high-skilled machinists makes sure the high-efficiency and excellent work.